Lenny Feldmann - The CordeenMan
...but, why me????


YES'89 (Yokohama Exotic Showcase)
the story in pictures...
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thecrewt.gif - 5.72 K The cast of the Musical Tribute Show which took place on the center outdoor stage.
4girlst.gif - 5.54 K Here we see Denena, Michelle, Sanai, and Arlette in the middle of one of their many fabulous dance routines.
lennyWP2t.gif - 5.47 K A view of the outdoor stage from the terrace of the cafe!!
lennymirrort.gif - 5.47 K As the show goes on outside, Lenny is preparing for his show in the cafe.
lennykimonot.gif - 5.86 K Lenny makes his entrance into the cafe.
lennystrollt.gif - 5.90 K Sometimes Lenny would stroll table to table and entertain the cafe patrons close up.
4girlseatedt.gif - 5.52 K We would alternate shows, each of us doing five 20 minute shows each day, six days a week... we all had Tuesday off!!
sanait.gif - 5.49 K Here is Sanai (pronounced sun-eye), a great talent who joined the U.S. cast from Tokoyo, Japan... she commutted each day.. also was the live announcer for the show... spoke native Japanese and wonderful English!!
Tdisneylandt.gif - 4.81 K We did have time to see the sights... here we are at Tokoyo Disneyland.
mickeymouset.gif - 5.65 K Mickey Mouse is a great crowd pleaser in Japan.
goofyt.gif - 5.82 K It's hard to tell who is the real Goofy!!
lennyenter1t.gif - 5.03 K But, alas.... the show must go on... will be time for more sightseeing next week!!
lennyenter2t.gif - 5.45 K Here Lenny performs at a local Yokohama Hotel for some of the 'Big Honchos' from the UCC (Urishma Coffee Company) who sponsored the show pavillion at YES '89.
lennyeatt.gif - 5.47 K Of course there's always time to enjoy a wonderful bowl of Japanese Soba (noodles) or a dish of Teriyaki Chicken!!!
noguchisant.gif - 5.83 K Komiko Noguchi, proprietor of the local convenience store, became a wonderful friend (and Japanese Mama) to Lenny and the rest of the crew.
farewellt.gif - 5.08 K All great experiences come to an end. Here Lenny is featured on the outside stage in his farewell performance.
toughjob2t.gif - 5.50 K Here again is evidence that it was a tough job.... but... someone had to do it!!!