Lenny Feldmann - The CordeenMan

Lenny's Gold Series Bell Accordion

Lenny's Gold Series Bell Accordion
with Limex® Midi Controller

This accordion has been in development for over 20 years. Aldo Mencaccini of Bell Duovox Corporation, formerly of Valley Cottage, NY, developed this instrument to exacting specifications... right from the specifications of the various woods used in the construction, and the special hand made reeds for the right and left hand, right down to the exact spring tension and travel distance of the keyboard. Also installed into this instrument is the finest accordion electronic pick-up system consisting of the fabulous Limex microphone system. The midi installation is the famous contactless Limex System.


Note:  I sold this accordion in April, 2012 and replaced it with this instrument.

The CordeenMan in Action"Darkside of the Moon - Pink Floyd"