Lenny Feldmann - The CordeenMan

Lenny's MS-40 Multi-Media Music Station Midi Module

The KETRON MS 40 is a fantastic new generation sound module designed to meet the needs of midi-accordionists looking for high quality sounds combined with top level professional performance. The Lenny's MS-40 Multi-Media Music Station MIDI Modulepotential of this incredible instrument is practically unlimited, considering it is able to load new sounds (PCM Voices, PCM Rhythm Grooves. etc.) and new musical software (MIDI backing, Styles, etc.) by means of the incorporated Disk Drive unit.

In particular, for the MIDI-ACCORDION, the MS 40 has been implememted with an important function called ACCORDION. This function enables the best immediate connection between the MS 40 and the MIDI Accordion. This means a connection with the correct MIDI channels, and correct Dynamic Curve and even the possibility to select the chord system used (International, French or Belgian).

The new, continuously expanding KETRON Disk Library for the MS 40 comprises: midi songs (words and music), midi instrumentals, styles, grooves, and PCM Voices. The Disk Library created for the MS5, MS4 and the MS3 used with the FD 1 Disk Drive are completely compatible with the MS 40.

Some of the outstanding features of the MS 40:

  • 256 Orchestral Voices
  • 128 User Voices
  • 12 Drum Sets
  • 192 Percussion Sounds
  • 192 Percussion Sounds
  • Song editing
  • Program combinations
  • Duet and Trio Harmonizing effects
  • General Midi
  • 99 Internal Styles - 4 arrangements each
  • Pianist keyboard harmonizer
  • Digital Signal Processor - Reverb, Chorus, Rotor, Delay and Echo Repeat
  • 24 Pattern Internal memory
  • Real Time song recording
  • 64 Programmable Registrations
  • PCM Sound Loading
  • Multi Tasking
  • Groove and Style Disks
  • Separate Outputs
  • Accessories - Volume Pedal, Sustain Pedal, MIDI Pedalboard, Footswitches

"I have found my MS 40 to be the ultimate MultiMedia Sound Station to use in both solo and ensemble playing. The sampled sounds are excellent, and the programmable effects, recording and playback capabilities are still being explored by this midi-accordionist.!!"

Note:  I sold this module in April, 2012 and replaced it with this instrument.