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Here is an original accordion composition by the contemporary French Accordionist/Composer,
Claude Thomain, entitled Charming Waltz. I use this tune as a French novelty
piece on many of my concert programs. Enjoy!

Charming Waltz

"Charming Waltz" Accordion Composition

To download, select either "Dial Up" or "BroadBand" then simply RIGHT CLICK
on the "Download Charming Waltz" link below
and choose "Save Target As...".
I would suggest that you save it to your Desktop.
You will need the Adobe PDF Reader (version 7.0) to view the file on your computer.
You can get the Adobe Reader for FREE here:

Get Adobe Reader

Be sure to download BOTH pages!

Download - Charming Waltz PAGE 1 - DialUp

Download - Charming Waltz PAGE 2 - DialUp

Download Charming - Waltz PAGE 1- BROADBAND

Download - Charming Waltz PAGE 2- BROADBAND

If you enjoy this piece, you can find more Claude Thomain compostions here.

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