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Several of my subscribers have asked if I could find the tune that was in the movie Godfather I in the famous wedding scene. The name that has commonly been given to it is Chella Luna. However, in my reaserach, I have discovered that the real name of the tune is Oh! Ma-Ma! and also known as The Butcher Boy. It was written back in 1938 as a novelty tune. Through the help of my friend, Frank Marocco, I have tracked down a fake book sheet of the tune. You can download it simply by right clicking on it and select "Save Picture As..."

Butcher Boy Fake Book Page

Here are the English lyrics:

Mama, dear, come over here
and see who's looking in my window
It's the butcher boy and oh!
he's got a bundle in his hand.

Tell me why he winks his eye
whenever he goes by my window
Daughter, daughter, he's in love,
and you're in love, and love is grand.

Oh! Ma-ma! Oh! get that man for me
Oh! Ma-ma! How happy I will be.
Tra la la And cheery beery bee.
Oh! If I'm gonna marry
It's the butcher boy for me.

I hope you enjoy this tune as much as I have.  After you download the JPG file, just print it on your printer.

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