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Here is a "Fake Book" entitled The Encyclopedia of Commercial Music. There are over 400 tunes in all styles of music. Whether you play for your own enjoyment or play professionally, you will enjoy this book. Take a few minutes to peruse the Table of Contents, then simply download the Entire Book by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Table of Contents - page 1
Table of Contents - page 2
Table of Contents - page 3
Table of Contents - page 4
Table of Contents - page 5


The Encyclopedia of Commercial Music.

To download, simply RIGHT CLICK on the "LINKS" below and choose "Save Target As...". I would suggest that you save it to a folder you create on your Desktop. You will need the Adobe PDF Reader (version 7.0) to view the file on your computer.
You can get the Adobe Reader for FREE here:

Get Adobe Reader

Download The Complete Fake Book
NOTE: This is a "HUGE" 450 page book. On Broad-Band it will take about 1 minute to download. If you are on Dial-Up... go get a cup of coffee and read a book while it downloads!! But seriously, on dial-up I would suggest that you just let it download in the background while you continue surfing, doing e-mails, or better yet... go practice for a while :>)


Fake Book Index - Pg i - Pg xii

Moderate Tempo Tunes - Pg 1 - Pg 101

Ballads - Pg 102 - Pg 135

Bright Tempo Tunes - Pg 136 - Pg 227

The Beatles - Pg 228 - Pg 238

Latin Tunes - Pg 239 - Pg 292

Jewish Tunes - Pg 293 - Pg 308

Theme Songs - Pg 309 - Pg 314

Barry Manilow - Pg 315 - Pg 330

Duke Ellington - Pg 332 - Pg 343

Waltzes - Pg 344 - Pg 360

Glenn Miller Tunes - Pg 361 - Pg 374

Country-Western - Pg 376 - Pg 384

Dixieland - Pg 385 - Pg 398

Novelty & Misc. - Pg 399 - Pg 405

Polkas - Pg 406 - Pg 411

French - Pg 412 - Pg 428

Marches - Pg 429 - Pg 432

German - Pg 433 - Pg 445

Italian - Pg 446 - Pg 460

Greek - Pg 461 - Pg 471

Irish - Pg 472 - Pg 482

Hawaiian - Pg 482 - Pg 494

Viennese - Pg 495 - Pg 502


"How To Use This Fake Book"

I hope you enjoy using this 'fake book' as much as I have.  Here's a suggestion for "How To Use This Book".  You can print out the entire book or, what I do is, scroll down to the tune that I want, and then just print out that tune.  I have found this to be a wonderful reference for tunes in the various styles (Moderate Tempos - Ballads - Latins - Jewish - Waltzes - Italian - Greek - Irish - etc).  You can do an entire gig just from the tunes in this book!

You should be opening up the fake book PDF file in Adobe Reader 7. On the left side you will see a TAB called "Pages"... as you scroll through the pages, the page that you are looking at in the main window will be highlighted in the "Pages" thumbnail view on the left. When you go to print, just select "current page" and the page you have selected will print. Here is a screen shot of what that looks like:

How To Print a Page